GS1 US Central

GS1 US Central was the place to get your questions answered. Daily "Ask the Experts" meetings were available with GS1 US experts for information on data quality, GS1 US Data Hub®, education and training, member support, and more.
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GS1 US University Open House

Step into our virtual kiosk and we’ll show you around GS1 US University. No high-stakes tests, just friendly experts excited to show you our free Learning Management System. We can even help you set up a complimentary account. Bring your barcode questions and your GTIN assignment dilemmas. Don’t be shy to ask about any GS1 US acronym you don’t understand.

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GS1 US Data Hub—Manage Your Product Data in a Central Location

Pop into our virtual kiosk and we’ll show you around GS1 US Data Hub. Do you need a single location to organize and manage all your product data? Data Hub is the tool for your business. Data Hub will give you a cohesive experience and platform to help you create and manage product identification data like U.P.C.s and barcodes, use accurate location data to drive accurate shipments, identify companies and products associated with data and barcodes, and validate GTIN structure and availability of key attributes for Verified by GS1. GS1 US Data Hub also provides your company with an avenue to share your products with the GS1 Registry Platform.

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Data Quality Office Hours

Looking for a better way to navigate product attribution requests from customers? Need advice on minimizing data discrepancies coming from trading partners? Curious about tools and resources that can enhance your company’s data quality efforts?

This is your opportunity to speak one-on-one with a GS1 US representative on all things data quality. You can schedule time to meet, discuss, and walk away with guidance specific to your business needs while also learning about the GS1 US National Data Quality Program, Verified by GS1, GS1 Global Data Model, and the Information Accuracy Diagnostic Framework.

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GS1 US Member Support Center

This seasoned, service-focused team is available to meet 1:1 via chat or email to answer questions about implementing GS1 Standards including online tools and educational resources, the benefits of GS1 US membership, and how to connect with right GS1 US staff member.