Solutions Spotlights

These solutions-focused presentations with our Premier Sponsors showcase their latest products, tools, and services addressing shared business challenges: inventory management, data quality and product data anagement, product/location identification, safety, and traceability.

2021 Solutions Spotlights Presentations

1WorldSync: Confident Commerce Enabled by Enriched Product Content

Is your product content helping your business grow or costing you a reduced margin? From product content sourcing & creation to management, retailer & industry standards compliance, distribution, commerce analytics, and more—there are numerous areas along the product content journey where gaps or inefficiencies can occur. The result? Inefficient, duplicate processes leading to lost product loyalty, business revenue and brand reputation.

Fortunately, the approach to product content management can be improved to meet consumer omnichannel experience demand, and differentiate products and brands in the fast-paced global commerce world. 1WorldSync can show you how with Content Acceleration.

Attend this spotlight session and learn how to support your product content journey with end-to-end product content capabilities that can lower costs and simplify the process while accelerating product content validation and distribution, and help you best represent your product in the market.

Comarch: Opportunities and Challenges of Invoicing in 2021

Despite the advancements in technology and growing momentum of e-Invoicing’s global adoption, the United States has yet to join the movement. The lack of commitment in the US can be partially attributed to the absence of government mandates and, in turn, the lack of interoperability. This creates an environment where certain companies have embraced and implemented e-Invoicing while their partners are sticking to paper and PDF.

Join Comarch to discover how the latest advancements in AI and ML enable OCR and enhance AP Automation, helping your company to overcome the barriers associated with a lack of interoperability: How paper invoices can be supported with the use of OCR (OCR with AI/ML capabilities); how PDF invoices can be automated with the use of OCR; how pure e-Invoicing will be deployed for suppliers who are open for such format and finding a comprehensive solution that can manage different invoicing streams.

Winshuttle EnterWorks: Gain Business Agility and Meet Shifting Demands with a Centralized Approach to Data Management

Today’s consumers and business buyers demand more information than ever before on what’s in a product and who’s behind the brand—and they want that information wherever they’re shopping. That translates into an unprecedented amount of product data that must be created and syndicated to power direct and indirect digital, print, and point-of-sale systems.

Learn why a centralized data hub that supports GS1 Standards is an essential element for delivering trusted product and supply chain data in an omnichannel world and how the right technology platform gives manufacturers, distributors, and retailers the agility they need to keep pace with a rapidly changing market landscape.

Avery Dennison: Driving Sustainable Change in the Food Supply Chain in 2021 and Beyond

From source to consumer, market challenges are driving foodservice providers to find ways to track and gain inventory visibility, food safe, enable quicker, more accurate recalls, and address consumer perception around food provenance and waste. Avery Dennison’s Freshmarx® Intelligent Food Industry Solutions support the principles of the FDA’s Blueprint for Era of Smarter Food Safety by: Enhancing food process flow management along the supply chain; enabling food provenance and traceability; increasing labor efficiency and food safety; promoting sustainability and simple compliance with government regulations and brand owner mandates.

InterTrade: Make Supply Chain Efficiency Your Goal

A well-functioning supply chain is not only effective but also efficient. Efficiency is all about the extent to which a process uses resources in the best way possible to ensure a fast, smooth running of a system.

The reality is that optimizing the supply chain generates cascading benefits that can lead to measurable improvements across practically all areas of operation, from manufacturing to distribution, administration to marketing. An effective supply chain meets or exceeds the actual demands placed on it by its key stakeholders including customers, partners, suppliers, and vendors.

When implemented correctly, supply chain optimization can transform how a business operates for the better and helping organizations position themselves for success in the coming years. The pandemic has forced the world over to look closely at how they’ve conducted business in the past, and if that approach will align with the realities of a supply chain in the post-COVID economy.

Aligntrac Solutions, Inc.: Expanding your Data Sync Program

If your company (seller or buyer or both) needs assistance with data sync processing, or would like to expand or automate the process, Aligntrac can help. Aligntrac has the knowledge and experience in integrating the data sync process with your internal systems, plus shielding this integration from Global Data Synchronization Network® (GDSN®) release changes. This session will also show how you can increase your use of GDSN item information with Sync/PDI sales sheets that can be rendered in real-time.

Riversand: Riversand MDM & PIM: Mastering Data to Create Optimal Consumer Experiences

When global iconic retail brands, manufacturers, and distributors seek a master data platform for their multiple domains of data (product, customer, item, etc.), they turn to Riversand. The world’s leading companies rely on the master data management visionary to power their data flows to keep the wheels of commerce turning. With Riversand’s Master Data Experience Platform (MDxP), customers can leverage their data through intelligent insights, automation, and multi-domain SaaS solutions. Customers can improve their business agility, adopt and scale faster, and improve their collaboration across the enterprise. Driving data to experiences and insights, Riversand helps companies know their customers better, move products faster, automate processes, mitigate risk and run their businesses smarter. For more information, please visit

Edict Systems: We Do EDI So You Don’t Have To

Edict Systems has provided EDI services for over 30 years, and today, works with thousands of businesses to increase efficiencies and maximize the value of EDI. With a staff dedicated to success, we offer valuable solutions for buyers and suppliers, whether their needs are partial to full EDI outsourcing. Our flexible, cloud-based technology allows us to support businesses in the grocery, retail, automotive, manufacturing, and healthcare industries, while maintaining a network of more than 88,000 trading relationships. Our goal is to help our customers get out of the EDI business so they can focus on what they do best.

Syndigo: Managing & Optimizing Your Product Lifecycle Through The Content Experience Hub

Trusted by over 12,000 brands worldwide, Syndigo enables commerce globally through the efficient transfer of information between brands and their customers. From content creation to syndication to optimization, our Content Experience Hub, raises the standard of what reliable data and a great product experience can look like.

Join us for a compelling presentation by Chris Barnes, SVP Solutions Delivery, to learn how Syndigo can help you: Uncover new opportunities to showcase your brand and drive sales; elevate your product experience with best-in-class capabilities like core and Global Data Synchronization Network® (GDSN®) content, enhanced content and rich media, on-and off-label nutrition information, all from a single source; own your product detail page from top to bottom, increase conversion, and elevate engagement with comparison charts, demo videos, and lifestyle images; and optimize your product pages for eCommerce and get instant answers to important questions like “Is my product content live?” or “Are shoppers interacting with my content?” with content integrity, content engagement, and digital shelf analytics reports.

Loftware: Build Competitive Advantage with GS1 Compliant, Standardized Labeling

As competitive pressures and expanding requirements place unprecedented demands on your business, you need to respond to changes in the industry with agility and efficiency. Ensuring that your labeling processes support your supply chain can provide measurable advantages in the marketplace.

Join Loftware for this informative presentation that will explore how Enterprise Labeling Solutions like Loftware Spectrum can help you meet GS1 Standards and establish best practices that empower market responsiveness and reduce costs.

Learn to: improve visibility and traceability across your global supply chain; reduce duplicates and ensure consistency by standardizing mission-critical labeling across the supply chain; integrate with ERP, PLM, and other trusted sources to ensure label accuracy and consistency; address complex business requirements and empowering business users to manage label templates; and embed the necessary agility across your labeling processes to ensure you can support your organization to adapt to changes in both your supply chain and the marketplace.