Trading Partner Roundtables

One of our most popular features, Trading Partner Roundtables are designed to facilitate collaborative trading partner to trading partner discussions on the use of standards-based best practices throughout the supply chain.

2021 Trading Partner Roundtable Hosts

Ace Hardware

Join the Ace Supply Chain team to understand the details of our GS1-128 pallet labeling initiative including requiring EDI ASN 856 mapping changes. This initiative applies to all Ace vendors.

Key business topics: Ace Hardware GS1-128 Pallet Labeling Initiative: Overview of Requirements, Timing, and Testing; Pallet Building and Labeling Specifications

Company participants: Tammy Walczyk, Supply Chain Process Manager; Stacey Furey, Director of Supplier Performance; Ted Akers, Supply Chain Senior Data Analyst

Ben E Keith Foods

In an effort to fully support the launch of Ben E Keith’s new ecommerce platform we are asking all suppliers to fully commit to publishing complete and accurate data with images for all stocked product.

Key business topics: Ben E Keith GS1 Attribute and Image Requirements

Company participants: Steve Reiling, Corporate Director Master Data & Procurement Systems; Kari Miller, Master Data Coordinator


Dillard’s looks forward to meeting with our Vendor Partners to share our experiences, what we learned this past year and ways we can work together to improve our supply chain in 2021!

Key business topics: Supply Chain Initiatives; RFID Update; Ebiz Improvements; Drop Ship; Improving Customer Experience

Company participants: Anita Spence, Director, Vendor Relations; Theresa Bartolin, Manager, Vendor Relations

Dot Foods

We would like to meet with our trading partners to discuss any questions regarding the completeness or accuracy of their item data. The team will also be available to discuss our upcoming new requirements.

Key business topics: Complete Item Data; Marketing and Nutritional Data; Image Requirements; Data Accuracy

Company participants: Jenna Vermillion, Master Data Manager; Debbie Bower, Director of B2B Integrations and Master Data; Mary Martin, Client Integrations Team Leader

Gordon Food Service

We’re here to answer any questions you may have about the importance of complete and accurate product data, publishing via GDSN, or how we use your published content.

Key business topics: Question and answer session; Accurate Product Data; GDSN; Published Content

Company participants: Kathryn Moore, Sr. Administrator, Project Lead – GDSN and EDI; Chad Metz, Sr. Analyst, Master Data; Sorangel Gakwandi, Administrator, Supplier Portal & GDSN

McLane Company

We would like to meet with our trading partners to answer any questions you may have. We would also like to discuss the importance of getting item information correct the first time and the importance of keeping the item information accurate.

Key business topics: Data Accuracy; New Item Setup; Data Synchronization; EDI

Company participants: Beckey James, EC Manager; Tammy Fields, Supply Chain Services Manager


We’d like to meet with our trading partners to chat about Peapod Digital Labs initiatives around GDSN and Ecommerce.

Key business topics: Process improvements related to GDSN; Commonly missed attributes; Ecommerce and imaging; Peapod Digital Labs/Ahold Delhaize initiatives

Company participants: Shacarra Almon, GDSN Specialist II; Robin Hough, Data Governance Manager

Performance Food Group

We invite our trading partners to discuss PFG’s GDSN strategy, continued integration between PFG and Reinhart Foodservice, score-carding and image progress.

Key business topics: Score carding; Data Quality & Completeness; Images

Company participants: Brett Streeter, Senior Manager, Data Stewardship – Product; April Moots, Senior GDSN Coordinator

Subway / IPC

We’d like to meet with our trading partners to discuss our GS1 Adoption Program for the IPC/Subway® system, as well as how we can work collaboratively to reach end-to-end product traceability.

Key business topics: Attribytes GDSN Scorecards; GDSN Image Publication; GS1-128 Barcoding Requirements; GS1-128 Scanning and Traceability Update; ASN & SSCC Rollout

Company participants: Rick Buttner, Senior Director, Supply Chain Operations; Priyanka Rajvanshi, Subventory/GS1 GDSN Project Manager; Lina Rey, GS1 Traceability Manager

Wegman’s Food Markets

Wegmans welcomes conversation and collaboration with our valued trading partners. Wegmans is working to enhance visibility, traceability, efficiency, and accuracy across the shared supply chain, and provide quality and complete data to enable a multi-channel shopping experience for our customers. Wegmans is excited to discuss: initial and ongoing data quality, transactional data including EDI, product attribution/images and other current priority topics.

Key business topics: Data Quality; Mew Item Introduction; Content and Image Acquisition; PIM Status Update; GDSN Q&A (Smarter Sorting)

Company participants: Brian Becker, Master Data Manager; Cady McMaster, Master Data Coordinator

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