GS1 Connect

San Diego • June 7‑9, 2022

2021 Conference Program

GS1 Connect: Digital Edition featured two conference pass options, which included livestream keynotes, super sessions, and a selection of 60+ sessions across seven tracks.
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Overview of Our Most Recent Conference

Explore all the GS1 Connect 2021: Digital Edition sessions and interactive opportunities, including How to Do Business With…. Sessions, Trading Partner Roundtables, super sessions, and much more.

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Featured full access to 60+ sessions in the GS1 Connect: Digital Edition experience.

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Featured access to 14 select sessions from the GS1 Connect: Digital Edition.

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Insights from innovators in supply chain

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Grow trading partner relationships

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Network with industry leaders and experts

On-Demand Track Sessions

Our conference is created by industry leaders on our Community Advisory Board. With a selection of 60+ sessions across seven tracks, conference attendees have access to this content for up to 60 days, depending on the Pass selected. Instructions were emailed separately to registered attendees for access information. If you do not have this information, please email [email protected].


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Topics: Visibility, RFID, Traceability, Supply Chain Optimization, E-Commerce

Improving supply chain performance and strengthening relationships with consumers are even more critical to foodservice organizations’ success. Leaders will share best practices on supply chain visibility and information transparency, while leveraging GS1 Standards, to address challenges and help build their e-commerce capabilities on a solid foundation of reliable product data and robust attributes.


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Topics: Complete Product Information, Accurate Data, Operational Processes, End-to-End Visibility

Accelerated digital transformation requires accurate and complete product information. Hear from leaders in grocery on best practices in sharing accurate data while leveraging GS1 Standards to promote trading partner collaboration, optimize operational processes, enhance end-to-end visibility in their supply chains, and drive sales.


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Topics: Omni-Channel Fulfillment, Digital Transformation, Consumer Demands, Source-to-Consumer, Product Visibility

The relevance of omni-channel fulfillment and digital transformation continues to grow as the retail landscape evolves, and unique and shifting consumer demands are shaping expectations that require companies to adapt. Hear from retail leaders and learn how they apply best practices, leveraging GS1 Standards, to streamline business processes and provide source-to-consumer product visibility in support of business success.


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Topics: High-Quality Care, Product Sharing, Data Accuracy, Efficiency, Patient Safety

Visibility in the healthcare supply chain is critical, along with delivering high-quality care, lowering costs, and adapting to new regulations. Hear from leaders in healthcare on how they apply best practices in leveraging GS1 Standards as they address these challenges to share data, promote accuracy, and work more efficiently—all in the service of improved patient safety.

How to Do Business With...

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Topics: Business Requirements, Initiative Updates, Collaboration, Streamlined Communication, Data Sharing

Get the opportunity to share business process requirements and company-specific initiative updates with the trading partner community to strengthen collaboration. These interactive discussions will help participants better understand how to streamline communications and data sharing between organizations.


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Topics: Accurate Product Data, Digital Transformation, Supply Chain Innovation, Consumer Engagement, Information Sharing, Packaging and Labeling

Focusing on complete and accurate product data is the common thread driving successful digital transformation and innovation in supply chain and consumer engagement. Hear solution providers provide examples and case studies of how they leverage GS1 Standards to solve business challenges.


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Topics: Emerging Technology, Digital Disruption, Interoperability, AI, Autonomous Retail, Circular Economy, IoT

To stay ahead, it’s critical to better understand the intersections of standards with emerging technology and business processes. Hear from innovation leaders on digital convergence, image recognition, and emerging carrier technologies; voice commerce and autonomous retail; artificial intelligence and machine learning; virtual and augmented reality; robotic process automation; digital disruption; circular economy; and Internet of Things/interoperability.